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Our expertise - The Way To Your Success

Kepler Software is an IT systems services provider set up in 2012. The foundations for Kepler are based on 20 years experience in systems development, integration and marketing in various fields such as Manfacturing, Oil and Gas, NHS, geo-services, banking and retail.

Information Technology is a fast progressing field. Keeping up with the changes is central to Kepler's working philosophy. Whatever your requirements, be it a website, integrating systems or developing custom solutions, we can help.

We Work For You

The interests of our client are at the forefront of our operation.

Our Strategies

The basis to building robust solutions is not limited to understanding a specification but also the environment in which it will be used.

Clients Choose Us

Our clients experience the value we offer.

Advance Your Business

Information Technology plays a huge part in today's business operations and processes. Market Research provides key information to help develop viable strategies. Business improvement and continuity ensure that growth is achieved and sustained. This can be done with careful market analysis and use of IT resources. Experienced consultants help you achieve the optimal setup for your business growth. Website design, custom development, systems integration, project management, market research, business intelligence and I.T. support are among the areas where we provide a service.

Our Mission

Your goal is our goal. Our philosophy is to work with YOU to build robust systems that work FOR YOU. Understanding your requirement is not enough. It is also important to understand the environment in which you business operates. This helps not only in providing comprehensive technical solutions, but solutions with real benefits for your business. With experience in fields such as Manfacturing, Oil and Gas, NHS, geo-services, banking and retail you can be sure we understand your requirements.